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E-Recycling Events for Communities and the Workplace

Upcoming Events -

Albuquerque Academy hosted their annual electronics recycling event.  Thanks to their hard work and dedication to recycling there were 4,069 pounds of electronics that are kept out of the landfill.  

Sandia Prep hosted their annual electronics recycling event and thanks to their hard work and dedication to the environment there were over 12,000 pounds of electronics kept out of the landfill.

Good job to both schools!

E-Recycling Events Information

Albuquerque Recycling, Inc. partners with community organizations, municipalities, counties and businesses to ensure that e-scrap recycling events are well planned and organized for a successful outcome.

We have conducted events with our recycling partners throughout the state to help plan and facilitate; load, collect and transport electronic scrap to our facility for processing and we recycle the e-scrap in an environmentally safe manner.   To date, we have participated in and officially conducted hundreds of events.

No matter the size of your event, we will help you with the planning, provide the personnel for loading and the trucks for transporting.  We work alongside your volunteers and workers during the event and help with clean up afterwards. 

Workplace events are increasing in popularity along with community recycling drives.  These events provide community members and employees with the opportunity to bring in their e-scrap for recycling at a convenient time.   These events encourage recycling, divert electronics and potentially hazardous waste from entering the landfills and protect our precious environment. 

Call to inquire about scheduling your next community or workplace event!

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  Eldorado High School Event - 2014

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